Photography and Digital Art Landscape, Architecture, Close Up & Macro Photography

My passion is to highlight, through photography, ordinary scenes and objects that we often fail to notice because of the busyness of our lives. My eye is drawn towards nature and architecture; focusing on shapes, lines and light. I often wonder about the story behind the scenes. Who lived in this house? What joys and sorrows have they experienced? Why is this building dilapidated? What was it like when vibrancy danced in this building? Can I actually hear the love and laughter that used to dominate this scene? Sometimes, I think I can. What history was made, in this setting? How has it shaped its surroundings?

The Beauty of nature remains an unending gift. Curious about the internal workings of things, I love to get up close and personal with my macro lens to reveal the secrets contained within. Unseen beauty makes my heart sing. I love to capture the grandeur of nature with a wide-angle lens to emphasize the majestic beauty of life.

For me, photography is an emotional experience – stopping the clock on a scene so that one can return again and again to that moment in time.